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From advanced pathology education to precision diagnostics


PathEdEx training and research resource offers a great opportunity to practice hematopathology diagnostic skills using modern digital tools.

Initially it was intended to serve as an educational tool for medical students and pathology residents as well as a reference of hematopathology and cancer cases of varying complexity. It has now grown into a research platform used by our biomedical researchers to reveal expert knowledge through visual diagnostic activities.

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PathEdEx presents the first volume of 50 curated hematopathological cases. Each de-identified case includes a patient history, virtual histopathology slides from biopsies, flow cytometry charts, cytopathological and molecular testing information, and radiology images — everything necessary to make an informed diagnosis.

The navigation is based on a game-like flow where a trainee is credited or penalized based on outcome of each diagnostic decision. Moreover, our innovative gaze-tracking technology is designed to detect attention points, capture trainee's diagnostic heuristics and compare to the best-practices baseline.

Navigational Analysis
Visual Analytics
Personalized access to 3 cases for simulated diagnosis
Report generation and diagnostic decisions storage
Personalized access to a single volume for simulated diagnosis
Itemized comparison of diagnostic decisions
Navigation patterns analysis and comparison with best practices
Generation of reports based on navigation patterns over visual diagnostic information using personalized gaze-tracking
Analysis of visual diagnostic using gaze-tracking by expert pathologists and comparison with best practices
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